Process intensification and continuous bioprocessing with single-use devices

Single-use technologies have arrived in biopharmaceutical production. The majority of established developments have been implemented in upstream processing (USP), where complete single-use process platforms up to m3 scale are already a reality. In order to make USP more efficient, process intensification solutions for inoculum production that are based on single-use perfusion technologies are now in demand. Furthermore, it has become clear from the latest studies that continuous downstream processing (DSP) not only results in improved process safety and better product quality control, but also improves equipment utilization. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that interest in single-use technologies for continuous DSP is increasing, although there are still challenges. Another example of a challenge is contamination with leachables and extractables in the fill & finish stage, which is especially problematic due to its proximity to the patient

Biotech 2019 will focus on the potential and challenges connected with process intensification and continuous bioprocessing in single-use technologies for USP, DSP and fill & finish in biopharmaceutical production. Key note lectures will be given by Eric Langer (BioPlan Associates, USA) and Stefan R. Schmidt (BioAtrium AG, CH). As in the past, the conference program includes scientific speeches, poster presentations and company workshops. In addition, participants will also have the opportunity to discuss any questions they have with manufacturers, users, regulatory specialists and representatives of organizations investigating the implementation of single-use technologies.

Following Biotech 2019, there will also be a symposium on cellular agriculture. In addition to examining examples of current commercial and semi-commercial products, the potential of single-use technologies in product development and manufacturing will also be discussed. The products of interest are food, food supplements and cosmetic ingredients. David Welch from the Good Food Institute will present an introduction to the new field of cellular agriculture.


               Online registration for the conference will be open until 25th June 2019.